£3 Million Enquiry

WM Investigation recently took an instruction to research a family tree in respect of an estate worth in excess of three million pounds.

Utilising a WM trace specialist with 25 years of experience; enquires with local, commercial and official sources commenced. In tandem with this, the tracer used various databases in addition to the Register of Birth, Deaths and Marriages.

111 people were found in the exercise, each and every one verified with proof of birth and current address.

Some of these were discovered in the USA, China and The Middle East; a substantial amount of adoptions were uncovered also.

All of this was presented to the client successfully within the quoted timescale thus enabling them to commence with their proceedings immediately.

Such instructions are available through WM Investigation using our own in house tracing specialists. We also provide:

  • Trace – no trace – no fee
  • Overseas trace
  • Means and Status Reports
  • Criminal, Civil and Probate Investigation
  • Home Visits
  • Document Serving
  • Employment Screening
  • Right to Work document validation
  • Surveillance – manned and electronic
  • Independent Satisfactory Quality Dispute Resolution
  • Independent Supplier Audits
  • Confirmations
  • Investigation
  • Financial Status Visit

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