I can’t thank you enough for tracing my Dad, Brother and Sister…

I can’t thank you enough for tracing my dad, brother & sister with such little information – I never thought it would be possible! This is something that has been on my mind for the past 30 years & as I have watched my mother get older & struggle I have been feeling an urgency to know my long lost relatives in the US. I was so pleased to hear my dad was alive as I knew he was quite a bit older than my mum, so was initially unsure.

I thought you’d be interested to know the outcome, I called my brother first to break the ice before ringing my dad, we had a good chat but as we don’t know each other really & he had his hands full with his children it was a little awkward at times, but we have linked on Facebook & we do have things in common so I am hoping that we will build on our relationship & get on well. I called my dad, I remembered him as being quite a hard man but  I knew he had a good heart deep down, we chatted for some time about his family history & old memories, it went well & he was a lot softer & easier to talk to than the past, so all in all there is hope for us to keep in touch, he was overwhelmed with the idea I had found him, which was nice. Finally I spoke to my sister Ivy, I managed to catch her at home not working a nursing shift, we got on very well & she has managed to piece lots of loose ends together about the family, she was very easy to talk to & I know we will keep in touch.

Thanks again, kind regards


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